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WillowPads Feminine Pads

WillowPads Feminine Pads
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WillowPads Feminine Pads are reusable cloth menstrual pads that are much more comfortable than disposable pads and healthier for you too! WillowPads has panty liners, and two different size menstrual pads. These cotton menstrual pads are made from a high quality organic cotton flannel shell and an absorbent hemp insert core.

WillowPads are luxuriously soft and allow airflow, which helps reduce irritation and eliminate odor. These slim, comfortable cloth menstrual pads are very absorbent and won't leak. By adding inserts, you can match your flow needs.

Each WillowPads Feminine Pad comes with 1 organic cotton shell and 1 organic hemp insert. You can customize WillowPads from a panty liner to a maxi pad by adding inserts to suit your needs. Inserts are available in 6 packs in regular or long sizes to match your shell size.

WillowPads Feminine Pads are available individually and in 3 packs in natural or black shells. Additional inserts are sold separately in 6 packs. Panty Liners are also available. They are smaller and designed for lighter anytime use. WillowPads Panty Liners work great as a backup to your menstrual cup! They are sold individually.

How you wear WillowPads can be adjusted to accommodate your needs. Wearing just the outer shell with no liner may be all you need for lighter days or as a panty liner; for medium/normal flow use 1 insert; and for heavy/maxi flow use 2 inserts.

How to use WillowPads: Snap the pad around panties with the pocket side hidden. Change the pad and insert as needed, depending on flow. For washing ease, moisten the soiled pad with cold water and wash within 2-3 days. Place in storage bag or container until washing. For convenient traveling and storage of soiled pads, fold with the soiled side in and snap the edges inside. Place in a waterproof bag such as a Planet Wise MINI Wet/Dry Bag. Unsnap for washing.

Sizes:  Panty Liner - 3"x9" available in Organic Cotton or Organic Hemp;  Regular - 3"x9" for day use;  Long - 3"x11" for overnight or tall women

Folding a soiled pad:

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