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LilyPadz Breast Pads

LilyPadz Breast Pads
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LilyPadz are a totally different kind of breast pad. The patented design of LilyPadz is made of a skin-like layer of silicone. Gentle pressure is placed on the nipple so this nursing pad actually prevents breast milk leakage! LilyPadz form a non-absorbent barrier so you and your clothes stay dry.

LilyPadz are breathable, latex-free, ultra thin and non-absorbent. They have been dermatologically tested and are adhesive-free. These silicone breast pads have a unique tacky lining that adheres gently to your skin. LilyPadz are economical to use because they are totally reusable. In fact, one pair can last up to 2 months (maybe even longer) with proper care!

To care for your LilyPadz, wash with an oil free, cream free and lotion free cleanser. (Clarifying shampoos and dish soaps work but it is best to use LilyWash, specifically made for cleaning LilyPadz.) Rinse well, shake off the excess water then air dry in a clean, dust free environment. Never use a towel.

Most moms only need 1 pair of LilyPadz. Since they are not absorbent, they do not become saturated with breast milk. They only take a few minutes to wash and are quickly ready to go again. One pair is enough, but many moms like to have a spare pair on hand.

LilyPadz are made of medical grade silicone and are so thin, soft, flexible and breathable that they feel like a second skin. Your nipples won't rub or stick to LilyPadz like they do when using cotton breast pads. LilyPadz are safe to use, won't affect your milk supply, won't show under your clothing and can be worn overnight.

The LilyPadz Starter Kit includes 1 pair of LilyPads plus a 1.58 oz bottle of LilyWash and 1 box of 24 individually wrapped 6x6 inch wipes. You can use the wipes as a quick dry, convenient way to clean your silicone nursing pads in between feedings while on the go. As a bonus, you will also receive an Organza Drawstring Pouch.

LilyPads are available in Regular and Large size. The large size fits DD or larger.

5 Stars
Love These!!
When I was breastfeeding my son I got really tired of using traditional breastpads the just absorbed the leaking breastmilk.I tried LilyPadz and LOVED them. They are easy to use and clean. I found that they actually kept me from leaking rather than just absorbing.It also looks natural under the thinner nursing bras and tops. But for breastpads they are absolutely amazing and I got through my entire time breastfeeding with just one pair. :)
Reviewed by:  from Missouri. on 6/25/2014

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