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LANACare Nursing Pads - Ekstra Style

LANACare Nursing Pads - Ekstra Style
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LANACare Nursing Pads are incredibly soft and comfortable! Wool is a great choice for breast pads - wool wicks moisture away from your skin and when they are wet they feel warm, not cold and clammy like cotton pad or disposable pads. Wool is breathable and contains lanolin so LANACare Nursing Pads allow your sore nipples to heal. Many women have found these breast pads and the use of lanolin ointment to be the combination that really works for them.

LANACare Nursing Pads are quite large for a reason. Scandinavian midwives have, for centuries, advised mothers to keep their breasts warm to prevent plugged ducts and mastitis. LANACare Breast Feeding Pads cover a larger portion of the breast to give this needed warmth. The edge of the pads are farther back on your breast and that makes the LESS noticeable under clothing. Because wool is breathable, a comfortable temperature can be maintained to keep you from being too warm or too cool.

Even people who are "allergic" to wool can often wear LANACare Wool products. People actually react to the chemicals used to extract the lanolin from the wool, not the wool itself. No chemicals are used on LANACare Wool products.

LANACare Nursing Pads are also economical. Most moms need only 2-3 pairs for the entire time they are breastfeeding. And they are much more environmentally friendly than disposable breast pads! Wear one pair of breast pads while the other pair air dries. They can be placed over a mild source of heat (like on a running dryer). You will only need to wash the breast pads when they begin to feel stiff towards the center. They are self-cleaning because wool absorbs the moisture of your breast milk and this moisture converts the natural lanolin of the wool into lanolin soap. That lanolin soap cleanses away bacteria and removes any odors. After the pads have dried, rub the pads between your knuckles to remove excess dried milk. Eventually the milk solids will build up and the pad will feel stiff. Then you should hand wash your LANACare Soft Pure Woolen Breastfeeding Pads with a lanolin soap or a mild hair shampoo.

LANACare Ekstra Breastfeeding Pads have 3 layers of wool. There is an extra 3rd layer of felted wool between the 2 layers of the Original weight wool. To minimize bulk, XSmall has only 2 layers of felted wool. The Ekstra Style has a greater barrier effect and more absorption. These nursing pads work best for women with extra strong "let-down" reflexes or very heavy leakage. They are available in the following sizes:

  • XSmall ((5") A or B cup
  • Small (6") B, C or D cup
  • Medium (7") DD or larger
  • *Large (9") and Oval (teardrop shape - 7" x 11") for women who want even more coverage (these are much larger than most women expect, so please check measurements before ordering!
  • *Many women who choose size Large opt for the Oval shaped pads, which follow the shape of your breast and bra more closely. Choice depends upon where you want more coverage. The Oval size is also intended for women with repetitive plugged ducts in the area of the armpit.

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