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Indian Prefolds - Dozen

Indian Prefolds - Dozen
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Many people buy prefolds to save money and then find out that they are extremely absorbent and cut down on leaks! And when they discover our Indian Prefolds, they even find they prefer them over other types of cloth diapers! Why? Because Indian Prefolds are so durable and amazingly soft! They are diaper service quality and made of 100% heavyweight cotton twill with reinforced stitching. They won't pill!

Using prefold diapers is very economical, but that isn't the only reason to consider using them! Indian Prefolds are easy to wash and quick to dry. You can customize the prefold to fit your baby. They can also be folded so the thickest, most absorbent area is just where your baby needs it. Just click here to learn how to fold prefold diapers! Cotton prefolds can also be used as pocket diapers inserts. And when you know longer need cloth diapers, Indian Prefolds make really great dust rags and cleaning rags!

Indian Prefolds must be washed and dried 3-4 times before using. When you receive your new Indian Prefolds they will be stiff and flat. That changes a lot when you wash and dry them. They will become thicker and more absorbent with each washing and drying. You should expect 5-10% shrinkage as these cloth diapers plump up - getting softer and more absorbent.

Indian Prefolds are available in White, Unbleached and Organic.

  • White Prefolds are chlorine free - they have been whitened with a peroxide bleach solution with a low pH level to help avoid skin allergies.
  • Unbleached Prefolds have not been whitened. They will need to be washed and dried at least 4-5 times in HOT water before using. Using a detergent like Tide in the first couple washes will help strip the oils from the fabric. Wash in just clear water the last time to be sure to get out all the detergent.
  • Organic Prefolds are made from 100% certified organic cotton and are a natural color. They should be washed before first use just like the unbleached prefolds. Organic Prefolds are $3 more per dozen.

Indian Prefolds are used with a waterproof diaper cover or waterproof pull-up pants. There are many different kinds of diaper covers - you get to choose what you like best! All of the cotton prefold must be tucked inside the diaper cover so you don't get leaks.

In the chart below, each size prefold indicates the number of layers it has. The prefold is a rectangular diaper made of several layers of cotton twill that are sewn together so the middle area is thicker than the 2 sides. When it says that the Newborn size is 2x5x2 it means that there are 2 layers of cotton on the outside and 5 layers of cotton in the middle.

Size (Layering)

Baby Weight


Washed Dimensions

Color of Stitching



Newborn (2x5x2)

5-10 lbs.




$1.75 $15.00

Standard Infant (4x6x4)

6-13 lbs.



Light Green



Infant (4x8x4)

7-15 lbs.



Dark Green



Standard Regular (2x5x2)

10-20 lbs.






Regular (4x6x4)

15-30 lbs.




$2.75 $21.00

Premium (4x8x4)

15-30 lbs.






Toddler (4x8x4)

30+ lbs.



Light Green



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