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GroVia My Choice Side-Flex Panels

GroVia My Choice Side-Flex Panels
Lotus - Plus Size for larger children
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The GroVia My Choice Trainer is designed to give your toddler the opportunity to express their own style by having interchangeable stretchy Side-Flex Panels in 6 different colors. Order extra Side-Flex Panels and let your child do it their way!!

Regular Side-Flex Panels and for larger children, Plus Size Side-Flex Panels are available in 6 colors - Blackberry, Cloud, Kiwi, Mandarin, Surf and Vanilla and sold separately. Each GroVia My Choice Trainer you buy includes one set of regular size matching Side-Flex Panel. Trainers are available in 2 colors - Cloud and Vanilla.

This pull up style potty training pants is easy for your child to use but also has snaps to make it easier to clean up accidents. The hidden layer of hemp/cotton is super absorbents and there is also a pocket to add extra absorbency for night time, naps and long car trips. The outer layer is a waterproof, durable TPU and there is an inner layer of GroCool that lets your child feel wetness.

The rise snaps and stretchy Side-Flex Panels gives this training pants a great custom fit!

Trainer - One Size - fits 18-33+ pounds
Regular Side-Flex Panels - 1T-3T (18-35+ lbs)
Plus Size Side-Flex Panels - 3T-5T (30+ lbs)

Washing Instructions:
  • Before first use - wash in warm water with detergent and tumble dry (repeat 2+3 times)
  • Wash every 2 days in warm water with detergent and tumble dry
  • Do not use bleach, enzyme cleaners or fabric softeners

U.S. Retailers CANNOT sell/ship GroVia products outside of the United States. If you need help finding a retailer in your country please let us know!

GroVia Side-Flex Panels
CloudKiwiLotus - Plus Size
GroVia Side-Flex Panels
MandarinSurfTopaz - Plus Size

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GroVia My Choice Trainer
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