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GroVia Boosters - 2 pack

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GroVia Boosters - 2 pack

GroVia Boosters diaper inserts for extra absorbency. Choose Stay Dry 100% polyester booster to keep your baby feeling dry or Organic Cotton for less bulk.

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The GroVia Boosters are sold in 2 packs and are available in Stay Dry or Organic Cotton. GroVia Boosters are great for nap time, nighttime, or any time you won't have a chance to change your baby for a longer period of time. Just lay one of the boosters on top of the GroVia Soakers and you are good to go!

The GroVia Organic Cotton Boosters have 3 layers of Organic Cotton and will add a lot of absorbency without making your baby's diaper bulkier.

The GroVia Stay Dry Boosters will boost absorbency but still keep your baby feeling comfy and dry. There are 3 layers of Organic Cotton with another layer on top made of 100% soft Polyester Fleece. The fleece pulls wetness into the organic cotton and away from your baby's skin. All that with a trim fit!

Care Instructions: Before use - wash and dry Organic Cotton Soaker Pads & Boosters at least 5-6 times. They will not become fully absorbent until they have been washed 10 times, but you can start using them after 5-6 washings. Just remember that they will become more absorbent with each washing! You can wash soiled GroVial Shells, Soaker Pads & Boosters together with 1/2 the recommended amount of detergent. It is also a good idea to do a second rinse to remove all detergent residue. The GroVia Shells can be tumbled dry, but it is recommended to line dry them. They dry in less than 2 hours and this will extend the life of the shell. The GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pads & Boosters can be tumbled dry. Do not use whiteners, bleach, vinegar, enzyme cleaners or fabric softeners. This will also void all warranties.

U.S. Retailers CANNOT sell/ship GroVia products outside of the United States. If you need help finding a retailer in your country please let us know!

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