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Flip Potty Training Kit - 1 shells & 3 organic soaker pads

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Flip Potty Training Kit - 1 shells & 3 organic soaker pads

Flip Training Pants have replaceable organic cotton inserts so the cover can be wiped clean and reused. The stretchy side tabs give it a great fit and look.

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Flip Potty Training Kit - 1 Shell & 3 Soaker Pads  
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bumGenius! has developed new Flip Training Pants that are designed to grow with your toddler. The waterproof shell (made of PUL) has 3 x 3 snap downs on the front so it can be adjusted to fit a child from 20 - 50 pounds. *Fit is approximate and may vary depending on size & shape of your baby. 

The detachable side tabs are made of the same stretchy material that is used with the bumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper. They attach with snaps and give this potty trainer a comfortable, snug fit but still allows your toddler to pull them up and down easily. The side snaps also makes messy changes easy.

Inside you place an organic cotton insert made of 6 layers of organic cotton jersey that allows your toddler to feel wetness. This one-size insert can be folded down to adjust the fit and also place absorbency where it is needed most for your child. It attaches to the Flip Potty Trainer cover with hook & loop strips so the insert will not move around. When changing the insert, just wipe the inside of the cover clean and reuse!

The Flip Potty Trainers are made so your child can pull them up and down by themselves, will feel the wetness for faster potty training while giving a snug fit that prevents leaks. The side tabs can also be purchased separately and are interchangeable to allow your child to choose lots of different combinations.

Care Instructions:  Wash hot, line dry cover, tumble dry insert. Do  not us laundry additives or softeners.

Fabric Content:  Outer Cover - 100% Polyester;  Side Panels - 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex;  Pad - 100% Organic Cotton

The manufacturer of bumGenius/Cotton Babies prohibits the sale of all bumGenius/Cotton Babies products outside of the USA. If you need help finding a retailer in your county please let us know!

This Flip Potty Training Kit includes 1 shell and 3 soaker pads.

U.S. Pat. 8,430,857. Canada Pat. 2,844,249. Other U.S. & International patents pending.

Made in USA of domestic and imported materials.

Organic Cotton Insert


Avaiable Colors & Prints

Albert (New) with White Side Panels

Albert with White Side Panels

Blossom with Zinnia Side Panels

Dazzle with Noodle Side Panels

Hummingbird with Armadillo Side Panels

Jelly with White Side Panels

Jolly with Stellar Side Panels

Kiss with Armadillo Side Panels

Mirror with Clementine Side Panels

Noodle with Mirror Side Panels

Pepper with Mirror Side Panels

Sassy with Butternut Side Panels

Stellar with Jolly Side Panels

Twilight with Sassy Side Panels

White with Grasshopper Side Panels

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