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Flip Inserts
Flip Stay Dry Insert

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Flip Inserts

Flip Inserts by bumGenius for all-in-two diapering with stay dry inserts, organic cotton inserts, and disposable diaper inserts. Use with Flip diaper covers.

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You can buy extra Inserts on this page.  If you would like to buy individual Flip Covers, Click Here.  If you would like the Day Pack with Stay Dry Inserts, Click Here.  If you would like the Day Pack with Organic Inserts, Click Here.

Flip System by bumGenius! is an All-in-Two system that is an easy way to cloth diaper. Just tuck an insert under the flaps of the cover and put the diaper on your baby - no stuffing! When the insert it soiled, toss it into your diaper pail and replace with a clean insert - you can reuse the cover. The 3 row snap down system will adjust to fit most babies from 7-35 pounds so you only have to by one size!

You have the option of choosing Stay Dry Inserts, Organic Inserts or Disposable Inserts.
  • The Stay Dry Inserts have 3 layers of microfiber and a smooth stay dry suede on top. This insert will wick moisture away from your baby, keeping them feeling nice and dry. - Available Individually or 3 Packs
  • The Organic Cotton Insert is made of 100% Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton. It is very soft and absorbent! - Available Individually or 3 Packs
  • The Disposable Inserts are fragrance free, dye free and have the Oeko-Tex certification. These are great to use when you are on the go. There are 18 in a package.
If you are diapering a toddler or for overnight, you can use 2 inserts. Extra inserts are sold separately.

To save you money, you can by the Flip System in Day Packs - either a Stay Dry Day Pack or an Organic Day Pack. A day pack includes 2 Flip Covers and your choice of 6 Stay Dry Inserts or 8 Organic Inserts.

You also can by Flip Covers individually without inserts.

With all these options you are sure to find the right combination for you and your baby!

  • a one size waterproof shell
  • wipe-able inside so cover can be reused
  • same butterfly hook & loop closure as the bumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper
  • insert tucks under flaps so there is no stuffing
  • 3x3 adjustable snap system fits most babies from 7-35 pounds
  • Day Pack includes 2 covers of your color choice and 6 inserts (choice of Stay Dry or Organic Inserts)
Washing Instructions:
  • Wash hot
  • line dry cover
  • tumble dry insert
  • no laundry additives or softeners
The manufacturer of bumGenius! prohibits the sale of all bumGenius products outside of the USA. We would be happy to help you find a retailer in your country, so please contact us!

Flip Diaper Covers - Individual cover
Flip Diaper Covers - Individual cover
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