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Flip System by bumGenius

Flip Diaper Covers - Individual cover
Flip Diaper Covers - Individual cover
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Flip Newborn Stay Dry Inserts - 6 pack
Flip Newborn Stay Dry Inserts - 6 pack
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Flip Inserts
Flip Inserts
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The Flip System by bumGenius! is an All-in-Two system with a one size waterproof diaper cover and an insert that just tucks under the flaps of the cover - no stuffing! The cover can be reused when you change your baby. Just toss the soiled insert into the diaper pail and replace it with a clean insert. If the Flip Cover seems to wet, let it air dry between diaper changes. The Flip Diaper Cover fits most babies from 7-35 pounds because it has a 3 row snap down system so you only have to by one size! You also have the choice of a snap or hook & loop closure.

And you have more choices! You have the option of choosing Stay Dry Inserts or Organic Inserts. The Stay Dry Inserts have 3 layers of microfiber and a smooth stay dry suede on top. This insert will wick moisture away from your baby, keeping them feeling nice and dry. The Organic Cotton Insert is made of 100% Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton. It is very soft and absorbent! Another option is the Disposable Insert. The Disposable Inserts are fragrance free, dye free and have the Oeko-Tex certification. These are great to use when you are on the go. There are 18 in a package.

If you are diapering a toddler or for overnight, you can use 2 inserts. Extra inserts are sold separately.

To save you money, you can by the Flip System in Day Packs - either a Stay Dry Day Pack or an Organic Day Pack. A day pack includes 2 Flip Covers and your choice of 6 Stay Dry Inserts or 6 Organic Inserts.

You also can by Flip Covers individually without inserts.

With all these options you are sure to find the right combination for you and your baby!

  • a one size waterproof shell
  • wipeable inside so cover can be reused
  • same butterfly hook & loop closure as the bumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper or you can choose snap closure
  • insert tucks under flaps so there is no stuffing
  • 3x3 adjustable snap system fits most babies from 7-35 pounds
  • Day Pack includes 2 covers of your color choice and 6 inserts (choice of Stay Dry or Organic Inserts)
Washing Instructions:
  • Wash hot
  • line dry cover
  • tumble dry insert
  • no laundry additives or softeners

Available Colors:

bumGenius Flip Colors