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ERGObaby Carrier - Sport

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ERGObaby Carrier - Sport

ERGObaby Carrier Sport style is cooler and lighter weight than the original ERGO carrier. It is breathable and wicks moisture away to keep you cool and dry.

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Grey - $25
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Organic Natural (dye free) - $38
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The ERGObaby Carrier - Sport is a soft structured baby carrier that will keep your baby safe and secure. It is lighter weight and cooler to wear than the other ERGO Carriers. ERGObaby gets its name from their Ergonomic Design. This means that both carrier and baby will be comfortable and fully supported. This baby carrier puts the baby's weight at the carrier's natural center of gravity and it is made to distribute weight evenly with a firm hip support belt. A newborn can be carried in the ERGObaby Carrier - Sport with the Infant Insert. It supports the newborn by its bottom instead of dangling by its crotch area. For older babies, it also supports a correct sitting position for their hips, spine and pelvis and eliminates spine compression. The two shoulder straps and hip support belt evenly distributes the baby's weight over the carrier's body, making it comfortable to wear even for long periods of time.

The ERGObaby Carrier
- Sport allows you to keep your baby close to you, content while shopping, traveling, hiking, gardening, even doing housework! The front position can be used when nursing your baby. If your baby falls asleep, there is an attachable sleeping hood to cover your baby's head. The elastic on both sides of the hood give it a better fit and it works great for protection from the sun, too. The ERGObaby Carrier - Sport can also be used to carry your baby on your back or on your hip. It will fit a child up to 45 pounds! Since this carrier is a one size fits most, you will be able to easily share it with other caregivers.

The body of the ERGObaby Carrier
- Sport is cooler and lighter weight. It is made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, is breathable and has a slight wicking feature to keep you drier. An opening in the back below the hood pocket helps keep you and your baby cooler.  The waist belt is adjustable from 25" - 48" (5" farther than other ERGO Carriers. The slightly curved shoulder straps extend 4" more than the Original or Organic Carriers and padded for extra comfort. The adjustable chest strap prevents the shoulder straps from slipping down.

The ERGObaby Carrier
- Sport is machine washable in cold water, mild detergent, no bleach. Line dry or tumble dry on low heat.

ERGObaby Carrier- SportERGObaby Carrier- SportERGObaby Sport Carrier

Color Choices for Infant Insert for babies 0-4 months:

ERGObaby Carrier Infant Insert ERGObaby Carrier Infant Insert
ERGObaby Carrier Infant Insert
ERGObaby Carrier Infant Insert
Grey $25.00
Natural $25.00Organic Beige $38.00 Organic Natural

NOTICE: The manufacturer of ERGObaby Products has revised their guidelines to prohibit the sale of all ERGObaby products outside of the USA not including USA military addresses.

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