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Disana Organic Boiled Wool Wrap

Disana Organic Boiled Wool Wrap
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The Disana Organic Boiled Wool Wrap is a diaper cover with Velcro closure and made of high quality merino wool that has been prewashed and slightly felted to make it even more absorbent and leakproof. Its shape and wide Velcro fasteners make this cover fit well and also easy to put on and take off.

The stretchy, ribbed wool around the legs and waist are soft and comfortable for you baby, but still contains leaks. There is an extra layer of wool lining sewn into the "wet zone" to make them even more absorbent. This is the cover that many moms depend on for overnight and naps!

Wool covers do not need to be washed very often because the natural lanolin gives it self-cleansing, antibacterial properties and removes urine odor. Washing too frequently will deplete the natural lanolin, so just air dry between diaper changes.

When washing becomes necessary, hand wash in lukewarm water with a lanolin-replenishing soap. Gently squeeze out water, roll in a towel and press out excess water. Place or hang to dry, preferably over a mild heat source, such as on top of a running dryer or radiator. If all the lanolin is used up, lanolin must be added again by using a lanolin treatment product.

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