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Diaper Duck

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Diaper Duck

Diaper Duck makes it easier to rinse messy diapers without getting your hands wet. Grips diaper firmly and even wrings the diaper as you pull it through.

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The Diaper Duck makes it easier to rinse those messy diapers without getting your hands wet (or icky)! Just hook Diaper Duck on the raised toilet seat and flush. The Lexan plastic of the Diaper Duck will keep a firm grip on the diaper when it is in the toilet and holds it for you. Diaper Duck will even wring the diaper out for you - just pull it through!

To Use: Squeeze to open the Diaper Duck, clamp onto the diaper at the clean end. While holding the Diaper Duck, swish the diaper in the toilet. When done, pull the diaper through to wring it out.

Diaper Duck comes with a suction cup holder for easy storage on the side of the toilet or wall. It has a one-year warranty but the tough plastic will last through all the diapering years. Diaper Duck only works with prefold diapers or flat diapers and may not work in low flush toilets.

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