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Diaper Covers

Diaper Covers keep your baby dry when using cloth diapers without a waterproof outer shell.

A Diaper Cover wraps around your baby's bottom and acts as a waterproof barrier when using Prefolds, Fitted Diapers, Contour Diapers, or Flat Diapers. Most Cloth Diaper Covers are easy to put on and take off because they close with snaps or hook-&-loop (Velcro). Pins are not needed when using a Diaper Cover!  Most Diaper Covers can be reused until they become soiled.  It works well to let one Diaper Cover air dry while using another and switch off with each diaper change.

Diaper Covers are available in sized or one-size styles. Reusable Diaper Covers may also have additional leg gussets to help contain messy stools.