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Deo-Disks Deodorant Diaper Pail Disks

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Deo-Disks Deodorant Diaper Pail Disks

DeoDisks diaper pail deodorizers add a fresh citrus scent to the diaper pail. Each disk effectively removes diaper pail odor for 3-4 weeks. 5 per pack.

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Tired of that funky diaper pail odor? Deo-Disks are diaper pail deodorizers that have a fresh, citrus scent and will deodorize any diaper pail. The flip-up lid of the 54 quart diaper pail has a slot that fits these Deo-Disks; but even without that slot, these are easy to use. Each disk will effectively deodorize for 3-4 weeks. Even though they are not toxic, they should not be ingested.

Each Deo-Disks deodorant diaper pail disk is individually wrapped. You get a 5 pack for $3.25.

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