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Our Mission Statement

At Diaper Safari we are committed to offering you the highest quality cloth diapers.  Diaper Safari has been in business for over ten years and most products available have been tested on our children while they were in diapers and can offer you 1st hand information about almost everything.  Our goal is to simplify your many choices.  We'd love to share our knowledge & help you set up a cloth diaper system that will work for you!

Why Diaper Safari was Started

Most people are unaware of the user-friendly cloth diapers that are available today.  Diaper Safari would like to show you how cloth diapering can work for you.  Our goal is to help you find the right cloth diaper system to suit your lifestyle - after all, cloth diapering is easy, fun and - most important of all - it is healthy.

My biggest challenge with starting cloth diapering was to understand the different diaper options, which products work together and the advantages of the different styles of diapers.  At first it all seemed very confusing.  I researched and tested the many diaper options and found some of the best products on the market.  Wanting to be a stay-at-home Mom I decided to set up shop and share my knowledge with you to help make cloth diapering easier for every parent out there!

Diaper Safari sells products that have been around for years, having proven themselves in many ways.  Other mothers and I have tried each item, and we can give you first-hand information on every product.  We keep researching new products in an effort to present you with an even wider variety of the best cloth diapers available.

Another goal of Diaper Safari is to provide you with a ONE-STOP DIAPER SHOP!  To present you with a good variety of diapers, we have chosen the best products from each category of diaper style, and are confident that we carry something for everyone out there.

Diaper Safari hopes to help you have an easy and enjoyable diapering experience.

Your child's health is worth it.

Thank you for supporting Diaper Safari - a business that has been successful for 10 years.

Diaper Safari