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Folding Instructions

Cloth Diaper Folding Basics

There are many different ways to fold a Prefold!  I have picked out the two most popular styles that have worked well for me and many others.  You will find step-by-step instructions for those. (Your Prefolds will fluff up and look like the ones in the pictures – they just need to be washed and dried 4 to 5 times!)

My Favorite Fold (Basic Fold)

Step One:  Lay the Prefold flat on the changing table, with the color stitched ends at the top and bottom (lengthwise).  Place the baby's bottom on top of the diaper so that the top end of the diaper comes to about the waist of the baby.
Folding Instructions
Step Two:  Fold the lower side panels of the diaper on top of the thicker center panel, so that the panels come together under the bottom of the diaper.  (The top edges of the Prefold behind the baby's lower back are spread out.)  The diaper should now have a kind-of a V-shape. If you want to add a Diaper Doubler or Flushable Liner, you will need to it lay on top of the center section now.Folding Instructions
Step Three:  Grab the front section diaper and fold it over the baby.  For newborns and babies moving into the next size of Prefold, the top section of the diaper will reach far above the waist.Folding Instructions
Step Four:  Fold the piece that is too long back onto itself.  Some people prefer to fold the piece that is too long over before they start and have it positioned at the back of the diaper.  You will need to try which one works better for your baby.Folding Instructions
Step Five:  Pull the tucked edges of the front of the diaper out and pull them around the sides of the baby.  Grab the “wings” from the back and wrap each one around the side of the baby. Secure the diaper with a Snappi Fastener as shown in the picture (secure sides first; the bottom plastic hook gets secured last).  Depending on the size of your baby, the Snappi Fastener can grab far into the side of the diaper or can catch the tips of the wings.
Folding Instructions

Step Six:  Secure a cover around the diaper making sure that absolutely no part of the diaper sticks out of the cover anywhere.  Your diaper will leak at the places where it sticks out!

Basic Tri-Fold:

Fold the sides of the Prefold onto the thicker, center panel.   Lay the folded diaper lengthwise on top of the cover.  Position baby's bottom on top the back section and fold the front diaper and cover over the front of the diaper.  Secure Velcro.  You may need to fold a section of the diaper back onto itself either at the front or the back if the diaper is too long.  Once again make sure no piece of the diaper shows.


Start off again with the diaper in a big V-shape (described above).  Twist the front of the diaper once as you are folding diaper over the baby.  The twisted section of the diaper should be positioned over the groin area of the baby.  Fan out the top front area and fasten with Snappi Fastener as explained above.  (You might need to fold the diaper over if it is too long.)  Many moms like this fold as it leaves a lot of bulk where it is needed most.