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Best Bottom Diapers

Best Bottom Diapers
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We recommend 3 snap-in inserts for each shell. Need inserts? Click Here to Purchase them!

Best Bottom Diapers are an all new All In Two cloth diaper system! This system works best when the Best Bottom Shell is used as the cover that holds the sized Best Bottom Inserts (available in Stay Dry or Hemp/Organic Cotton). This system will take your baby from birth through potty training and will save you tons of money over other diapering systems.

The Best Bottom Diaper has all the pros of the different diapering systems and has eliminated the cons. So Best Bottoms Diapers are very trim fitting, extremely absorbent and one of the most economical diapering systems available! The snap-in inserts eliminate the need for stuffing but still give a fast drying time. The inserts are available in 3 different sizes and several different materials, so you will be able to use the one that is just right for your baby. This makes Best Bottoms super trim!

Best Bottom Diaper
Pocket Diaper
Fast Drying
Have to Stuff
All In One Diaper
Easy to Use/Trim
Longer Drying Time
Fitted Diaper
Very Absorbent
Bulky & Have to Fold

Best Bottom Diapers are so easy to use!! First adjust the front snaps for the rise to get the right size for your baby. (You do not need to unsnap the rise snaps when washing. Just adjust them once and your are good to go until your baby grows!) Then snap in the insert, put the diaper on your baby and go! When you need to change your baby, just snap out the soiled insert and snap in a clean one. Because the inside of the Best Bottom shell is wipe-able, it can be used over and over before washing. You may want to air-dry between uses but that may not always be necessary. Because you can reuse the Best Bottoms shell, you won't need to buy as many. With pocket diapers, all in one diapers and fitted diapers, you will need to change the whole diaper every time! When it is time to wash your Best Bottoms Diapers, you will only be washing inserts and a few shells - this takes up much less space!

Therefore, you will save money by using Best Bottom Diapers! If you buy 8 shells/$16.95 each & 24 inserts in 3 sizes/$3.95 each, it will cost you $420 to diaper your baby from birth through potty training! That is so much cheaper than disposables and also cheaper than other cloth diaper systems! You can have convenience, reliability and save money too!

The Best Bottom shell fits from birth to 35+ pounds. There are leg gussets to help keep the messes in, an adjustable rise with four settings, and overlapping closure in both snap and hook & loop. When putting the diaper on your baby, check to be sure the insert is completely in the shell - just pull the leg gussets out around your baby's legs. Best Bottom also has Extender Tabs available in both snap and hook & loop. Extender Tabs allows you to save even more money by extending the size limit of the Best Bottom Shell. They are sold in pairs and coordinating Best Bottom colors (see below).

You will probably need 8-10 Best Bottom shells and 18-24 inserts per size. Why sized inserts? Newborns and toddlers certainly are not the same size so any insert that fits both will be bulky and ill-fitting on a newborn and may not be adequate for a toddler. By having 3 sizes to choose from, you will have a diaper that fits well and is very absorbent at every age! You may not need all 3 sizes of inserts - all babies are different.

  1. Easy to use
  2. Trim
  3. Fast drying
  4. Very absorbent
  5. Inexpensive
  6. One-size shells fit babies from birth - 35+ lbs
  7. Shells available in snap or hook & loop
  8. Stay Dry Microfiber or Hemp Inserts available in 3 sizes
  9. Overnight Inserts available with your choice of Stay Dry or Hemp
  10. Micro Doublers available
  11. Extender Tabs available in snap and hook & loop
  12. Made in the USA
Best Bottom Diapers is a family corporation in Wisconsin, USA. This husband and wife team believe in following responsible environmental and social business practices. Best Bottom Diapers' high quality products are all made in the Wisconsin / Illinois area.

Best Bottom Diapers are available in Snap or Hook & Loop Closures:


5 Stars
I'm in Love!
I was strictly a pocket diapering momma until I found these. The awesome double gussets, adorable prints and easy to use system made me fall in love with Best Bottom diapers. I'm destashing all my pockets and replacing them with these wonderful dipes.
Reviewed by:  from WA. on 6/11/2015
5 Stars
Great Diaper...however
Be careful if you are thinking of purchasing the hook&loop instead of the snap. I ordered 3 of each type and now i'm back buying more snap diapers because my son refuses to leave the H&L alone and peels them off. The snaps he leaves alone. Other than my sons' preference these diapers are wonderful! No leaks, super easy to use, Overnight inserts are perfection and they are not so bulky that they don't fit under clothes. This is my first go at cloth diapers and I am beyond pleased.
Reviewed by:  from Middletown, NY. on 11/1/2014
5 Stars
Great cover
I love this cover. I use it with regular prefolds and it works great. I've never had a leak with it. I haven't used the actual inserts that are designed for it, but the prefolds work so I assume that the inserts will work great too. The hook and loop closure holds very well. Best of all the diaper covers I have.
Reviewed by:  from Oklahoma. on 12/20/2012
5 Stars
These are really great. I have 2 in diapers and I use these on my 2yo. I wash every other night and I own 4 Best Bottoms and a dozen Hemp inserts and 2 covers of other brands. When I change the diaper, I just put on a new cover/liner an let that first cover air out till the next change. I couldn't imagine the laundry if I had to use a new diaper every change. The other brands I have work too but I really prefer to use these. They are durable and I have never a leak problem.
Reviewed by:  from washington. on 9/2/2011
5 Stars
Love em
Zero leaks! I find myself reaching for this diaper first and I get kind of bummed when I’m not able to use it. The PUL is of higher quality and seems like it will hold up a little better than some of its competitors, buy the inserts. They are great in other covers too!
Reviewed by:  from WBL, MN. on 8/22/2011

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