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Baby Carriers

Is using USA Made products important to you? To make it easier for you to find a USA Made Baby Carrier, we have put them all in this area!

Babies want to be held and loved all the time. And you want to hold and cuddle your precious one as much a possible! With a Baby Carrier, you can do just that and still have your hands free! 

BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carriers
BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carriers
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With so many different kinds of Baby Carriers, you may be overwhelmed! Let Diaper Safari try to clear things up a bit. There are 5 major types of baby carriers:

  1. The Soft Structured Baby Carrier is often called a backpack carrier (or front pack). Well known brands of this type are the BabyHawk Oh SNAP! Baby Carrier and Beco Baby Carrier. These carriers are designed for comfort and stability. Although they are thought of first as a backpack baby carrier, they are versatile and you will be able to carry your baby in several different positions. Deluxe style carriers of this type are used for hiking, but smaller versions are great for everyday use. Dad's especially love these types of baby carriers.
  2. The Wrap style is a large piece of fabric and at first it can be intimidating to put on. Full instructions with pictures are included with baby wraps and the learning curve is not as steep as one would think. You will quickly become an expert at putting it on, so please do not let this deter your from trying a baby wrap carrier. Wraps have a huge range of ways you can wear your baby - hip carry, back carry, front carry. The fabric allows you to spread the weight of your baby out over both shoulders so they are very comfortable. When wearing a wrap baby carrier, your baby will be "closer" to you than with the structured type of carrier.
  3. The Pouch or Sling style keeps the baby positioned on your body. It is very simple to use and is suitable for newborns. Moms like this type for the privacy it provides when breastfeeding. Baby pouch carriers or slings can pose a suffocation hazard to babies, so when using this type of carrier be aware of the position of your baby at all times. Be sure the baby's face is not covered and is visible to you at all times. Slings can also be used with older children as a hip carrier. One drawback to baby pouch or sling is that all the weight is focused on one shoulder, also sizing is important so one sling cannot always be shared with other adults. Hot Slings and New Native are this style of baby carrier.
  4. The Ring Sling carrier has all the benefits of the sling or pouch carrier but it is adjustable so different sized adults can share the carrier.
  5. The Mei Tai carrier is basically a rectangular fabric with 4 straps - 2 for the shoulders and 2 around the waist. Criss cross the straps and tie them for security. The Mei Tai carrier distributes the weight more evenly and it can be use for a front or back carry. Although Mei Tai baby carriers are not recommended for newborns, they can be used into toddler years. The BabyHawk Baby Carrier is a Mei Tai carrier