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Hybrid/AI2 Diapers

The All In Two Diaper is easy to use and inexpensive too! These selected diapers are made in the USA!

All In Two Diapers, or Hybrid Diapers are a style of diaper that uses the idea of a diaper cover and prefold but makes it much easier! Simply snap or lay a soaker or insert inside the outer shell. You won't have to change the entire diaper, as you do with an All In One or Pocket Diaper, just replace the soaker/insert and the outer shell can be reused until it becomes soiled. Many of the shells available can also easily be wiped clean on the inside.

This system is less expensive than systems that need the entire diaper changed. You will be using approximately 2-4 insert per shell.  You will also find that the All-In-Two Diaper system takes up less space - on shelves or drawers and in the washing machine!

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