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Cloth Diapers, Diaper Covers and Cloth Diaper Accessories

Cloth diapers have been modernized and simplified so that they are fast becoming the preferred kind of diaper for many parents! Here at Diaper Safari we offer you Cloth Diaper choices from Companies that continue to test & try their products, to give you the best cloth diapers available today. Our #1 selling Cloth Diaper is the Best Bottom Diaper. We also carry Organic Diapers, Indian Prefolds, Fitted Diapers and Diaper Covers from Bummis, Thirsties and Prorap. To complete your diaper layette, we carry Diaper Inserts, Flushable Liners, Wet Bags, Diaper Sprayers, and our extremely popular Diaper Pail, with Pail Liners and Citrus Circles. In addition we offer you a selection of Baby Gear and Mama Items.

Best Bottom Cloth Diaper System

Our goal is to supply you with a good variety of the most popular Diaper Products available today, plus the little extras that you might need or want for your baby. For fist time cloth diaper parents we also offer easy to understand informational pages to describe the different diapers and help you figure out how many you'll need. We pride ourselves with giving superb customer service at all times and look forward to working with you.

Planet Wise Waterproof Wet Bags

At Diaper Safari we offer a variety of tried and proven Cloth Diapers and Cloth Diaper Accessories. We sell Prefolds, Fitted Diapers, All-In-Ones, All in Twos and Diaper Covers and have expanded our product range as more modern Cloth Diapers evolved.

With the increasing amount of chemicals that our children are subject to, plus tough financial times, cloth diapers have gained much popularity over the past years. If you are new to using cloth diapers, please enjoy looking around at our cloth diapering information pages and washing cloth diapers. Don't hesitate to ask questions. We also put together diaper packages that contain everything you need for cloth diapering or to order a sampler cloth diaper package . Contact us at 877-313-1053 or and let us put together your cloth diaper package today. We'll do the thinking for you! For those of you who are already fans... we'd love to provide you with many new and easy to use cloth diapers.